Executive Committee

While the core decisions of the Los Angeles Consular Corps are the business of the general meeting of all Consuls General and Consuls, Head of Consular Posts, the daily affairs of the Consular Corps are administered by an Executive Committee composed of the following members, in order of precedence:

Honorable Ambassador Johnny Ibrahim
Dean, Consul General of Lebanon
Honorable Nasimi Aghayev
Vice Dean, Consul General of Azerbaijan
Honorable Jaak Treiman
Vice Dean, Honorary Consul of Estonia
Honorable Grant Arthur Gochin
Secretary, Honorary Consul, Republic of Togo
Honorable Juris Bunkis
Treasurer, Honorary Consul of Latvia
(949) 888-9700
Honorable Abdulla Ali Al-Saboosi
Member at Large, Consul General of the United Arab Emirates
(310) 551-6534
1999 Avenue of the Stars #1250
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Honorable Abdelhak Saoud
Member at Large, Honorary Consul of Morocco
(626) 570-0318
Honorable Jorge Tagle
Member at Large, Consul General of Chile
Honorable Lamia Mekhemar
Member at Large, Consul General of Egypt
Honorable Sinisa Grgic Ph.D
Member at Large, Consul General of Croatia