Office of the Dean

LACC Annual General Meeting minutes

Meeting date : Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 11:30 am

Location : Consulate General of Indonesia, 3457 Wilshire Bd, Los Angeles, CA 90010


  1. Attendance

The By-laws require the attendance of minimum 15 General Members. Were present at the AGM:

Hon. H Consul General Allen Neiman Burkins Faso

Hon. Consul General Marco Antonio Valverde Bolivia

Hon. H Consul Deanne Neiman Botswana

Hon. Consul General James Villeneuve Canada

Hon. Consul General Michal Sedlacek Czech Republic

Hon. Consul General Elhusseini Abdelwahab Egypt

Hon. H Consul Jaak Treiman Estonia

Hon. Consul General Zerihun Retta (Dean) Ethiopia

Hon. Consul General Juha Markkanen Finland

Hon. H Consul Jordan Garcia Guinea

Hon. H Consul General Finbar Hill Ireland

Hon. H Consul Lorna Johnson Jamaica

Hon. Consul General Hyun Myung Kim Korea

Hon. H Consul Daiva Navarrette Lithuania

Hon. H Consul Abdelhak Saoud Morocco

Hon. H Consul General Andrew Leeka Palau

Hon. Consul General Lilliana Cino Peru

Hon. Consul General Mariusz Bromyra Poland

Hon. Consul General Eugen Chivu Romania

Hon.H Consul Grant Gochin Togo

Hon. Consul General Gülru Gezer Turkey

Hon. Consul General Abdullah Al-Saboosi U.A.E.

22 General Members were present, so the required quorum was reached.


Were also present, but not in the quality of General Member:

John Carlos Gamboa

Laurindo Lopes

Alain Leroy

Endang Mardeyani

Mendekar Sondakh

Danang Canial

Zufri Hadi

Nugrahadi Yuwokko

Benny Rahman

Ahmed Rakan

Masahiro Suga

Hyeo Kyeong Lee

Ruth Thale

Sorasak Samonkriasorakit

Ahmed Al-Thani

Mark Ryavec

Francisco Aguirre


2. Items for discussion

2.1.Welcome and call to order by Dean Zerihun Retta.

2.2.Secretary’s report by Lorna Johnson was read and approved.

2.3.Treasurer’s report by Daiva Navarrette was read and approved.

2.4.Acknowledgements: Hon. CG Gülru Gezer from Turkey was acknowledged by the Dean.

2.5.The Dean announced the expected schedule of future events and speakers (monthly meetings).

2.6.By-laws committee: the Dean announced to establishment of an ad-hoc by-laws committee and asked for candidates to participate. A brief discussion on changes of the By-laws followed.

2.7.Executive Committee: the Dean announced a few openings on the Executive Committee and his desire to fills these openings.

2.8.Dr. Jerrold Green, President and CEO of the Pacific Council on International Policy addressed the General Assembly. His keynote speech was followed by Q&A.

2.9.The AGM was concluded by the Dean.