LACC Executive Committee meeting minutes

Meeting date : March 30, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Location : Consulate General of Ethiopia


  1. Attendance




Amb. Zerihun Retta Shumye



Hon. Michal Sedlacek

First Vice Dean


Hon. Finbar Hill

Second Vice Dean


Hon. Daiva Navarrete



Hon. Lorna Johnson

Member at Large


Hon. Liliana Cino

Member at Large


Hon. Abdelhak Saoud

Member at Large


Hon. Abdulla Al-Saboosi

Member at Large


Hon. Umar Hadi

Member at Large


Hon. Ninda

Member at Large


Hon. Raife Gülru Gezer

Member at Large


Amb Rudi Veestraeten




  1. Presentation of new E.C. members

The Dean presents the new E.C. members to the other members. The Secretary takes up his function immediately and will produce the report of today’s meeting.

  1. New intern

The Dean introduces the new intern for LACC. Wengel Haile is a citizen of Ethiopia who studies in Los Angeles (

  1. Minutes of the Annual General Assembly

The minutes have been drafted by former Secretary Lorna Johnson and will be submitted to the Dean immediately after completion by the Second Vice Dean.

  1. Ad hoc committee for review of the By-laws

The Second Vice Dean communicates that since LACC is now incorporated in California instead of in Delaware, the existing By-laws lost their validity. New By-laws need to be drafted in accordance with California law on non-profit membership organizations.

The E.C. decides to dissolve the ad hoc committee for review of the By-laws and to take up this matter in the E.C. The Second Vice Dean has already done some research and will share his findings with all other E.C. members.

The new By-laws should be as short and simple as feasible.

  1. Future events



E.C. member in charge

April 23


Michael Sedlacek

May 28

Sheila Kuehl, Supervisor 3rd District

Lorna Johnson

June 25

Reagan Library

Daiva Navarrete

September 24

Milken Institute ?

Finbar Hill

October 29

L.A. County Sheriff

Finbar Hill

Brief discussion on future events: should be higher profile. Goals: high profile speakers; better prepare event with guest speaker; consider fundraisers/charity bazar, sports event.

  1. Website LACC

Will be run by Secretary, under the guidance of the Dean. Needs a solid update, some essential pages have not been updated in almost a year.

Please don’t send comments to the Secretary before April 8, since updates are in progress. Once done, Secretary will ask for input/suggestions/corrections, first with E.C. members and next with all LACC members.

Our website should become an efficient tool for information where all members can find reports, instructions, updated lists, and event information.

  1. Pamphlet distributed during LACC event

A pamphlet inviting LACC members to a “diplomatic tea” was distributed during the latest LACC lunch event in the Jonathan Club in Downtown Los Angeles. No prior approval was saught, and the pamphlet uses ambiguous language suggesting the “diplomatic tea” was an event organized/co-organized by LACC. The E.C. decided that the Dean should send three mails:

- One to the LACC member who invited the person responsible with a warning;

- One to the invited guest announcing that she will no longer be admitted to LACC events;

- One to all LACC members explaining what happened and what action has been taken.

Los Angeles, March 31, 2015.