The Dean and members of the Executive Committee held an informative general meeting for all members present on June 25, 2015. No decision was taken during this general meeting. Executive Committee members explained the changes and future plans with the LACC website and members of LACC made suggestions for future events in the year to come.

A few highlights:

- Strong support for maintaining the existing practice of having our monthly lunch events at fixed dates. The Secretary will draft a list of all future dates (last Thursday of every month, just like before) for all members to take note in their calendars.

- Several members and in particular Executive Committee member Consul General of the United Arab Emirates mentioned an interest for more guest speakers on economic topics.

- Several members stressed the importance of cooperation with important think tanks or member organisations in Los Angeles, such as Rand Corporation, Milken Institute, World Affairs Council and Pacific Council on International Policy and possible synergies.

- Several members also showed interest in events with a cultural significance (musea, cultural events organised by the City or the County of Los Angeles). The Consul General of Pakistan proposed to work with the City on an upcoming August 2015 event in downtown Los Angeles.
The Executive Committee has received a wealth of valid suggestions and ideas and will develop a worthwhile program for the coming year! A warm thank you to all those present for active participation.